Welcome to Mama Rosa


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Raw, medium rare or well done? We grill everything from cattle to pork and serve our dishes with a healthy sallad and a delicious sauce.

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We have a wide range of pasta dishes on the menu, designed to cater to all tastes and preferences.

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Our drinks consists of wines, long drinks, spirits and liqueurs all from different places in the world.

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Our pizzas comes out of the oven with heavenly melted mozzarella and our home made delicious tomato sauce.

About us

In the heart of Lødingen you find Mama Rosa. Loved by the old and the young, distant and close with good reason. With us it is in fact quite normal to get happy through the stomach whether you are careful with pepper or like to feel that you are alive. We have a big menu and a well assorted bar with something for everyone, a nice atmosphere outdoor serving. All in the centre of Lødingen. Welcome!


We prepare our dishes with authentic flavours which are made out of carefully picked raw food, modern cooking techniques and craftwork without shortcuts. By combining the unique food and beverage experience with a warm and personal service we invite you to unforgettable, inspiring and relaxed meetings with people and food.